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Blood Conservation

In an effort to provide the most optimum care to our patients, Good Samaritan Hospital is dedicated to providing leading-edge medical and surgical care while reducing or eliminating the need for blood and blood products. 

What is Blood Conservation? 

Blood conservation is a collaborative, advanced medical approach to patient care that reduces the need for donor blood transfusions or blood components. Working together, dedicated physicians, nurses and other Good Samaritan Hospital professional staff use specialized techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to reduce blood loss, retain a patient’s own blood during treatment and, if needed, maximize a patient’s own blood production. If you have additional questions regarding blood conservation, ask your physician. 

What are the benefits of Blood Conservation? 

Clinical data shows advantages of a blood conservation/management program including:                                                                                                                                        

decreased length of hospital stay:

  • decreased length of hospital stay
  • faster recovery time
  • decreased risk of infections
  • reduced or eliminated exposure to donor blood
  • reduction in complications

Ways to Conserve Blood 

Good Samaritan Hospital utilizes many varying technologies to reduce and eliminate blood loss while providing the latest in evidence-based healthcare to our patients including: 

  • micro sampling and coordination of blood draws
  • intra-operative blood salvage (Cell Saver)
  • pharmaceuticals
  • volume expanders
  • acute normovolemic hemodilution
  • bloodless surgical tools—Harmonic Scalpel and electrocautery,  as well as other devices used in surgery to reduce blood loss
  • special anesthetic techniques
  • autologous platelet rich plasma gel and sealant
  • anemia management
  • ROTEM—whole blood coagulation monitoring allowing more accurate assessment of individual patient coagulation

Reducing and Eliminating Blood Transfusions 

If you wish to place any limitations on the use of blood and blood products, please advise your physician as well as the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital. If you have an advance directive regarding your preferences, please provide a copy to your physician and bring a copy with you to the hospital. 

At Good Samaritan Hospital, we are committed to reducing and eliminating transfusion of blood and blood products by: 

  • providing alternatives that optimize patient outcomes without the use of transfusions
  • supporting an informed consent process that addresses legal and ethical issues even if the patient refuses blood for either religious or personal reasons
  • following the principles of evidence-based practice in relation to blood conservation strategies and their impact on outcomes

 For answers to your questions about blood conservation and management at Good Samaritan Hospital, please contact: 

Todd Stover
Director, Perfusion Services