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Heart Facts

Heart disease is part of a group of diseases known as cardiovascular disease or CVD. CVD includes heart disease, stroke and coronary artery disease. Having one of these diseases puts you at risk for all cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Disease: The Facts

  • Over 81,100,000 Americans have one or more types of CVD:
    • 17,600,000 have coronary heart disease
    • 8,500,000 have had a heart attack
    • 10,200,000 have angina
    • 6,400,000 have had a stroke
    • 5,800,000 have congestive heart failure
    • 74,500,000 have high blood pressure
  • CVD claimed 34.3% of all deaths in the U.S. in 2006 (the latest figures) or   1 in every 2.9 deaths.
  • CVD was listed as a primary or contributing cause in over 1,347,000, OR 56%, of all deaths in 2006.
  • Of all risk factors for CVD, only family history, age and sex cannot be controlled.
  • In Nebraska, 60.9% of the population is overweight, 20.7% is inactive and 21.2% smoke. These are all major risk factors for CVD. 
  • Almost 1 in every 4 Nebraska adults (23.9%) is obese while 3 in every 5 (60.9% or an estimated 769,000 to 804,000 adults) is either overweight or obese.

Source:  American Heart Association, Nebraska Health & Human Services

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