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Nutrition & Weight Loss Links

There is probably no more important topic to be knowledgeable on than nutrition and, for many, this means nutrition with a goal toward weight loss. Cardiovascular disease is profoundly influenced by lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle contributes significantly as a cause of disease. A healthy lifestyle can contribute significantly to the prevention and treatment of disease. Information regarding these topics is vast and can be confusing. The internet can give you access to large amounts of information but unfortunately it is difficult to sort out the useful and reliable information from the fads. Below are some links to sites that you should find useful. There are others. These provide a few resources but you might want to do some "searching" on your own, particularly if you have an interest in specific information such as low carbohydrate diets. You can always discuss any information you might obtain with your physician. Also, many of the links in the section Health Information have information on nutrition that you can navigate to easily.

Good Samaritan Hospital Wellness/Fitness Center

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Spark People
Spark People was developed by the same group that developed Spark Cincinnati. This site has extensive information regarding nutrition and exercise with an emphasis on weight loss. It allows you to customize a plan that fits you and has resources that let you track your progress. Also available is access to online expert assistance and support that can answer questions and help guide you to success.

Food and Nutrition Information Center
This site was developed by the National Agricultural Library. It contains an extensive amount of information on nutrition including guidelines, special needs, supplements and alternative medicine among others.

The Harvard School of Public Health
This site is from the Harvard School of Public Health. It offers an extensive amount of nutritional information in an easy to use format. More importantly, it offers some alternative views on what constitutes good nutrition beginning with some criticism of the current views expressed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the group that is responsible for the current "food pyramid".

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Nutrition & Weight Loss Links 
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