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Patient & Family Counseling

Providing Support through Diagnosis, Treatment and Survivorship

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be frightening and often creates fear and uncertainty. Good Samaritan Cancer Center’s patient and family counselor is specially trained to help patients find the support they need to manage the daily challenges of living with cancer.

Person-Centered Care

There are many aspects of a person’s life that affect how he or she deals with cancer, and each person’s experience is unique. The counselor is available to provide support and to discuss the questions and concerns patients face while adjusting to a cancer diagnosis. Talking with a counselor can help people deal with physical and emotional side effects, manage uncertainty and provide a safe place to explore thoughts and feelings. After a diagnosis, patients may feel that everything is focused on the cancer and its treatment. It is important to remember there is still more to life than just the illness. Maintaining a balance between medical needs and human needs is very important.

Relationship Support

A cancer diagnosis impacts more than just the patient. The patient and family counselor can help both the patient and his or her loved ones learn how to cope with the changing roles and responsibilities associated with cancer. The counselor can help the patient learn to cope with new limitations and how to accept support, assist the family in dealing with each phase of their loved one’s illness, and facilitate communication between the patient and family members regarding the emotional changes they are experiencing.

Support through Survivorship

Life after cancer treatment is completed can be a challenging time. In addition to the physical recovery, there are often other concerns such as returning to a job, financial strain from medical bills, emotional changes or fear of disease recurrence. While there may be relief to be finished with treatment, trying to return to “the way things used to be” may not be practical at first. Life is changed, but patients and families can still be happy and successful. This transition can be a time when support and encouragement are more important than ever.

Family Members and Caregivers

Those who help a loved one through cancer treatment also have special needs. Changes in responsibilities for daily living, in relationships and in stress are all normal, but may be managed more easily with some additional support. Like patients, caregivers need to maintain a balance too.

About the Counselor
Kim Burr, CPC, LIMHP

  Kim Burr.jpg                

Kim is a Certified Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and holds a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Kim is also trained in Biofeedback for stress management, and is certified as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist by the Mayo Clinic. An experienced therapist, Kim focuses on a strength-based approach and brings a casual, compassionate style of care to patients and family members.

Free of Charge

Counseling is available to our patients, their family members or caregivers at no charge.

How to contact/be referred:

If you would like to visit with the counselor, please call the Cancer Center toll free at 800.277.4306 or reach Kim directly at 308.865.7291.